Weight Loss with the Atkins Diet

Zemanta Related Posts Thumbnail A low carb diet such as the Atkins diet or the South Beach Diet can be very helpful for those who plan a weight loss diet. However, this diet needs to be followed how it was meant to be followed for it to work. One way to be able to refrain from gaining weight on this diet is to understand the purpose of each stage of this diet.

The first phase of a low carb diet is usually the strictest time of the diet in regards to the level of carbs eaten. This part of the diet lasts approximately two weeks. All fruits and starchy vegetables, refined bread, and other high carb foods are not eaten during this time. Instead, the person eats lean meats, creams, butter, cheese, and other foods that were initially forbidden. This first stage has a purpose.

The goal of the first stage of most low carb diets is to help with the following three aspects:

To induce Benign Dietary Ketosis: This is when fat metabolites show up in the urine stream and can be detected with Ketosis. This is the sign that Atkins diet users are using fat as energy. Sometimes ketones are discharged from the lungs as well. Diet users reactions vary during this stage. For example, some people’s appetites diminish during this juncture.

To Stabilize Blood Sugar: This stage helps keep bring the blood sugar to the level that it is supposed to be at. Not only that but it helps diminish symptoms (i.e. mood swings, brain fog, or fatigue) that come from erratic blood sugar levels.

To ignite rapid weight loss: This stage sometimes helps those who have trouble losing weight to feel good about themselves as pounds drop at a quick rate. This stage is when the most weight is lost during the Atkins diet.

The induction period of the Atkins diet is probably considered to be the most crucial part of the Atkins diet. It is also the shortest stage of the diet, so the amount of time that one has to endure this first phase is not long. Those that can make it through the first two weeks of this diet are most likely to see the best results while enrolled in this particular weight loss program.

The next phase of the Atkins diet is also important. This is the period when most people will find out what level of carbs is appropriate for them to eat and still lose weight. Although the weight loss progress slows down during this phase, as well as the phase that follows, it still is encouraging to those who follow this diet when they do lose 1-2 pounds a week (in some cases a little more).

During this second and third phases of the Atkins diet, users can increase their carb intake. However, they still need to be careful not to eat the wrong carbs. Otherwise, they may go back to their old weight. Those who stick to the overall plan of this diet are the ones who have the most success on this diet. The purpose of the second phase of the Atkins diet is as follows:

The fourth phase of the Atkins diet is the one when the most carbs are allowed, and also is a maintenance stage. This phase of the diet is the one that lasts the longest because this is the pattern that is set to be the person’s ideal diet to maintain the new weight loss level achieved.

Those who follow through every phase of a low carb diet, as intended, will benefit the most from it. Also, those who find their carb level during the second and third phases of the diet will most likely be able to keep the weight off during the fourth phase of the diet.

Not only will those who follow this naturally and fitness diet carefully as planned be able to lose weight, but they will be able to prevent from gaining it back later on.

Weight Loss Program With Habits For Your Daily Routine

../wp-content/uploads/13_4_orig.jpgOnce you have decided to tone down on your body weight, there are a number of measure that you should take so that you achieve your goals. The steps taken during your weight loss program don’t have to be strenuous but instead they should be able to fit into your daily activities. Here is a fitness program that you can use daily.

Give your food full attention

While you are having your breakfast, lunch, or any other meal, give it full attention. Don’t multitask while eating by engaging in other activities such as using phone or watching TV. This will enable you to know what is going in your mouth including the flavors, ingredients and other content.

Walk extra at the work place

One way of doing more exercises during the day is by walking more at the workplace. Park your car some distance away from the office and take a longer walk. Instead of using the elevator, use the stairs to reach your destination. Stop sending those emails to your workmate but instead walk to them.

Carry packed lunch to the office

Instead of having to go to the restaurants during the lunch hours, make an effort to carry some packed food that you prepared at home. This will help you to reduce on food portion that you usually have and it will also ensure that you stick to your diet program.

Improve on your exercises

At the gym, improve on your daily exercising. Whether you are using treadmill, bikes or weight lifting equipment, try to increase your performance level on how you use them.

Keep track of your progress

It is good to know how you are fairing on with your weight loss program. One way of doing this is by periodically taking measurements of your body so as to assess your progress.

Be firm

Be assertive with your goal of following the weight loss program. Say no to any temptation that may force you to break your rules.

Metabolism and Weight Loss Ideas

losefatgetleanMetabolism is the method of burning calories. The Metabolism burns it off fast, and you burn calories no matter how many meals you eat in a day. That is why it’s an important part to weight loss because the greater metabolism you have the simple it’s to lose weight.

Increasing metabolism is an easy concept if done the right manner. It’s better to eat six or seven meals a day rather than eating a couple big meals. Finally, you will lose weight gradually because you are giving your body interval to burn off whatever you are eating rather than having to burn off a complete meal.

Basics of Metabolism

Metabolism and Anabolism are the two primary parts of metabolism.
Metabolism breaks down food to give you energy. Metabolism is can also break down protein and use it for energy also.

Anabolism is where your body uses up its resources to create energy to be used. Your body uses this whenever you eat protein and later on that protein being used up during some activity.

Important Factors Dealing with Weight Loss
Many factors affect weight loss that people might already know but never apply. The most important factors would have to be the foods you eat. Anything organic is safe and healthy for you. Stay away from harmful chemicals like fast foods. Make sure you maintain a healthy liver because the liver is the primary organ that processes everything.

Eliminating fat cells is crucial to burning fat and can be done by eating apple cider vinegar. Stay clear from any processed foods or any foods high in sugar and fat. Always exercise because a healthy diet will not do much if you don’t use to burn the fat. Lastly stay true to your diet and your goals and focus on maintaining a healthy lifestyle in which you can lose weight to achieve your goals.

Lose Belly Fat with These 3 Top Secrets

Zemanta Related Posts ThumbnailFIBER is the GREAT SECRET to lose belly fat, simply because of its content. Let’s dissect fiber and its importance. Whatever we eat goes through a natural process from mouth-chewing to swallowing; down to the intestines where it gets broken down; then to the colon and finally down to where we expel waste. This process varies because we all have different so called “metabolism.” With a considerable amount of 20-35 grams daily of fiber in your diet, this process can be quite a short cut thus losing belly fat. A high-fiber intake with water can speed up the process of eliminating waste from our body and that includes fat. The more frequent you go and eliminate, the more you do not store the unwanted waste. Fiber is simply fruits, vegetables, beans and legumes, bread and grain and sometimes nuts. The darker the color of these rich fiber foods, the better fiber content it has.


Fruits and vegetables are the easiest to digest. Paired with an adequate intake of water, you’ll be surprised what fiber can do to your diet. When you feel you are hungry, go for a fruit like bananas, oranges, pears and berries. These fruits may not really satisfy your hunger but it can really suffice and get rid of the gurgling hunger pangs in your stomach.


There are a lot to choose from. Multi-grain food includes oatmeal, wheat products, bran flakes, rye and barley. When choosing breakfast food, go for the multi gain. Breakfast is the first meal so choose the right one to start your day. As mentioned, you can go nuts with nuts. Munch on pecans, pistachios, almonds or sunflower seeds.


When starting your meal, start with a glass of water. Fiber and water goes hand in hand. First in should be fiber as it gets deposited first. Since fiber is soft and easily digested, the flow when you pass stools is no hassle at all. Constipation will not be experienced.
Losing belly fat with a fiber-filled diet, teaches one to be more conscious of intake and in the future becomes a more disciplined but happy eater. Fiber will not only manage weight control but it also does a lot of things that are beneficial to our bodies. It is also proven to prevent diseases, relieves hemorrhoids, and lowers risks of heart disease; cancer and diabetes. So let fiber be your best friend to lose belly fat!!

Speeding Up Weight Loss with Fruits & Vegetables


Are you looking for a healthy weight loss plan? Are you tired of that annoying tummy? Are you ready to embrace a tummy-free lifestyle? Do you desire to burn off excess fats without going to the gym? Well, this is your lucky day. There are many healthy methods of losing weight.

Fruits, vegetables and greens can help you lose weight. This is because they have low amounts of calories and high volumes of important nutrients. A weight loss program will always recommend you to burn more calories than you consume and there is no better way of achieving that than using fruits and veggies.

How exactly do fruits and vegetables boost weight loss?

As stated earlier, fruits and veggies contain high quantities of nutrients. Therefore, certain combinations will always fill you up without needing fat or calories rich foods. This will also create less room for bad stuff such as junk food.

In addition, plant based foods are known to control food craving and overeating. This implies that they can short circuit your food addiction hence achieving a flat tummy sooner than expected.

Healthy menus for weight loss

The first diet plan requires you to prepare a breakfast which includes a fruit salad of berries, apples, orange juice and bananas. You should also include cut-up vegetable snacks such as carrots. Ensure that you drink plenty of water.

During lunchtime, you should supplement your proteins with fresh spinach. To supplement for calories, eat avocados. At dinner, include pre-steamed soybean, greens, onions, carrots or bok choy. Add some red pepper and ginger flakes. Drink a glass of fruit juice or water.

The second plan involves a fruit smoothie for breakfast by combining apple juice, banana and frozen strawberries. During lunchtime, take in sautéed vegetable medley. Use eggplant onions, garlic, bell peppers and cook with scant amount of olive oil. At dinner, eat spaghetti squash and top up with homemade sauce from fresh tomatoes.

Now it is up to you

Even though you might dedicate to eating fruits and vegetables, your diet discipline plays a vital role in weight loss plan. A healthy balanced diet will maintain the body’s performance at its optimal hence excess fats will be burned. Before starting on any diet plan, ensure that you consult a physician.

Targeting Fat Loss With Some Easy to Prepare Foods

CC1Losing weight and burning fat is not an easy process but fat loss does not have to be painful either. You can still shed off those extra pounds while still eating healthy and delicious food.

In order to lose belly fat, all you need to do is to eat a lot of protein, healthy carbs and fiber that will boost your metabolism hence keeping you full and energized all day.

In this article, we are going to look at some easy to cook diets that will ensure fat loss. All the recipes in this article have at least one super food and can be whipped up in less than 30 minutes.

1. Broccoli and Feta omelet with toast.

A good day starts with a healthy breakfast. The Broccoli and Feta Omelet toast breakfast is easy to prepare. In fact, it takes only 15 minutes of your time to prepare and packs one-two punch which will leave your satisfied and energized.

The Broccoli is rich in fiber while the eggs are loaded with protein and will curb your appetite and stave off the late-morning cravings.

2. Spiced green- tea smoothie.
Green tea is known for its fat burning properties. This is due to a compound called EGCG which boosts metabolism. Studies have proven that people who drink at least 4 cups of green-tea each day shed more than 6 pounds in 8 weeks.

A rich smoothie is good if you are tired of taking hot green tea. The cayenne spice, lemon and the agave nectar flavor will fill you up.

3. Chocolate-dipped banana bite.
Dessert is not meant to erase an otherwise healthy meal. All you need to make this dessert is a knife, some bananas and a microwave. Bananas are rich in resistant carbohydrates that help you burn calories while eating less.

The chocolate contains some healthy fats that will help activate your metabolism.

4. White bean and Herb Hummus with Crudities.
If you are tired of the supermarket hummus, then this is a perfect option. It will only take you five minutes to make this flavorful fiber rich version at home.

You need lemons, olive oil, white beans and chives. White beans contain approximately 4 grams of resistant carbohydrates serving.

You can pair your hummus with some assorted raw vegetables such as broccoli to get a more fat-burning and fiber rich starch from the wholesome snack.

The four meals will ensure that you attain your fat loss goals and live a healthy food while at the same time enjoying your diet.


5 Weight Loss Tips with Fruits and Vegetables

../wp-content/uploads/11_3_featured_orig.jpgThe most healthy way to lose weight is by eating healthy and exercising. There are many strategies to achieve your goals. But what if you have busy life style that doesn’t leave much time for you to cook difficult meals and exercise regularly? Then read this simple list with 5 weight loss tips, for the best fresh fruits and vegetables that will help you plan your diet in order to lose weight naturally.

1. Grapefruit`

The grapefruit group has been known for the reduction in insulin resistance, cholesterol and metabolic abnormalities.

There are theories that suggest that the low sugar index of this fruit helps the body’s metabolism to burn fat. The high percentage of water in this fruit also helps the body to lose weight, making you feel satisfied without consuming many calories.

In one study, involving 91 individuals, that ate half a grapefruit before meals caused them to loose 3.5 pounds (1.6Kg) over 12 weeks.

The consumption of half a grapefruit 30 minutes before a meal will help you eat fewer calories and feel more satiated.

2. Coconut Oil

There are different kinds of fats. Coconut oil has a type of fatty acids named Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs), that are known to boost satiety as well as help burn calories. Of course, coconut oil contains calories, so introducing coconut oil on top of your diet is not advised.

You should plan out your meals by replacing coconut oil for some cooking fats that you use. Another healthy oil worth mentioning is extra-virgin olive oil that has the same properties as the coconut oil.

3. Avocados

Avocados are filled with healthy fats and are low in carbs. They contain monounsaturated oleic acid, that also exists in olive oil. Despite having a high fat contain, avocados also have allot of water, which makes you feel satiated. They also contain fiber and potassium that are important nutrients for your diet.

Avocados are a perfect addition to salads, and are the main ingredient in guacamole.

4. Cruciferous Vegetables

Vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage are loaded in fiber and protein and make you feel satiated. The combination of fiber and protein makes these vegetables the perfect meals to introduce in your diet in order to lose weight.

They can be steamed, boiled, or incorporated into salads or soups.

5. Chili Pepper

Chili peppers contain capsaicin, which helps burning fat and makes you feel satiated. This substance can even be found in some weight loss supplements.

So if you like spicy, food you can continue enjoying it knowing that it will help with your weight loss journey.

Fat Loss Through a Healthy Diet Plan that is Both Delicious and Appealing


The old adage that states that we are what we eat has withstood the test of time. This means that overweight, developing pot-bellies and suffering health breakdown is as a result of what we eat. Many traditional diets have proved healthier than the modern junk diets. It is therefore vital to observe diet strictness only equaled to ancestral eating habits. The following is a simple but effective diet plan for a healthy lifestyle to help reduce fat loss.

Ensuring proper schedule of meals is one of the most effective ways of achieving perfect health. It is important for one to ensure that he/she is taking at least eight glasses of water daily. If this practice is strictly adhered to, it increases the metabolic rate by nearly sixty five percent. This in turn helps get rid of metabolic fat deposits stored in the adipose tissue. It is also advisable to replace high sugary drinks with warm lemon water and natural honey.

Avoid junk foods like biscuits, cakes, saturated sugars, french fries, ice creams and chocolates. Instead go for high fiber carbohydrates like unpolished cereals such as oats, rice, sorghum, millet and corn. Whole grain bread, sweet potatoes, natural tuber crops like cassava, yams and carrots are other better options for junks and saturated sugars that mostly trigger overweight.

Strictly avoid hydrogenated fats and fatty foods. But settle for steamed vegetables. Eat salads containing cabbages, carrots, dhania, garlic, lemon, and kale. Natural fruits like African mango, pawpaw, beetroot, guava, rasp and straw berries and the salads above provide fiber, clean the body and prevent diseases. Enrich your diet with natural fatty foods like avocado, nuts, milk, beans, peas, salmon fish, dagaa, egg whites, and lean meat.

To achieve perfect results in fat loss, healthy, belly flattening plan, one should diligently and strictly adhere to the diet plan above. One way of doing that is dealing with emotional eating, scheduling meals and finding a right diet partner or friend.


Glaring Fat Loss Tips and how to Give your Body Fat a Send Off

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Whereas embracing fat loss exercises can aid you to get rid of the excess fat in the body, there are other ways through which you can achieve your desire for fat loss. For instance, feeding on fat loss diet is one of the measures you can put in place just to see to it that your quest for losing weight is achieved. The following article is going to highlight some of the guidelines you can put in place as you try to give your body fat a send-off.

1.Drink lots of water

Drinking plenty of water can aid your bid for losing body fats. This is due to the fact that water is perceived to be the medium through which a number of cellular activities occur. For instance, by taking a lot of water, transportation as well as burning of body fats becomes very easy. Nevertheless, taking a lot of water is important as it makes you ever satisfied. This will make you consume less food.

2. Take as less calories as you can burn

Knowing your RMR that is the Resting Metabolic Rate is very paramount. This will help you figure out the number of calories your body can burn on daily basis. RMR is simply the calories number one needs to burn on daily basis while doing normal activities excluding the formal exercises. When one burns the calories in the body, it becomes much easier to eradicate body fats at all cost.

3. Eat less starch carbs

This is another tip that will enable you burn the body fat successfully. Starchy foods include rice, potatoes, breads and pasta among others. Feeding on such foods will provide your body with excess starch beyond what the body requires for glycogen and energy storage. This means that any leftover shall be stored in the form of fat in the body. This does not necessarily mean that one has to get rid of the starchy carbs completely, but rather try cutting back on them.

All in all conclusively, even though you intend to burn your body fat, it is important to primarily ensure that you eat healthily by feeding on balanced diet. Also, take care of what goes through your mouth. Additionally, developing a fat loss diet timetable will help you succeed in your ploy to burn body fat besides losing weight. Ensure that all that is put in the diet plan is followed to the letter. This is in addition to engaging in body exercises to make you fit.

9 Healthy Weight Loss Tips For Fat Burners To Use Daily


9 Healthy Weight Loss Tips For Fat Burners To Use Daily


Let’s face it weight loss is one of the most discussed subjects in our country. There are as many diets available as there are fleas on a dog.

What is a healthy diet program that works best for you while considering your budget?  How can we keep meal preparation simple and healthy?

Lighten up there are answers without jeopardizing your health. I have some simple and easy (yes, I said easy) tips and tricks to get you on your way to lose that weight and stay healthy.

#1 -Water intake: Boost your water intake and you will burn calories faster. Water increases your metabolism. Bottom line is your body works better when properly hydrated with water.

#2- Eat fruits and vegetables: They are low in calorie but are high in nutrients your body needs for its fuel. Fruits and vegetables can greatly tribute to losing that belly fat without piling on the calories.

#3-Dance: Especially belly dancing (a cardiovascular exercise) and it burns 300 calories per hour.

#4-Green Tea: Helps you lose belly fat. Drink it in the morning (for a quick boost of your metabolism) and in the evening so it continues to burn body fat as you sleep. It carries the nutrients from food to various areas of the body and assists in digestion.

#5-Fiber: Fiber is very important. Did you know it reduces fat build up as it also carries cholesterol out of the body?

#6-Health: Maintain a lifestyle that is healthy by concentrating on the intake of fruits and vegetables. These can give you a variety of nutrients by choosing an assortment of colors.

#7-Exercise: Burn some belly fat by taking the staircase instead of the elevator. Park your car farther from the grocery store or your office. Walk some extra steps at every opportunity.

#8-Sleep: Don’t deprive yourself of the correct hours of sleep it will slow down your weight loss. With 8 hours of sleep you’ll also have more energy the next day and thus burn more calories.

#9-Eat for energy:  It takes energy to burn body fat. Muscle protein needs to be turned into energy to feed the rest of your bodies system. Do not skip breakfast it’s the most important meal, just go light on your evening meal.