Lose Belly Fat, your Fiber and Diet

Zemanta Related Posts ThumbnailFiber is found in the carbohydrate nutrients family and mostly not easily digestible by the human system. It exists in two forms;

· Soluble fibers –possess water absorbing capacities.

· Insoluble fibers-cannot absorb water.

Where can you find it?

Fiber is found in all vegetables, fruits and whole cereals. To maximize the intake of fiber in fruits, those with edible skins like apples are more fibrous and hence more beneficial than those with non-edible skins like bananas. Again fruits with audible seeds like raspberries hold high fiber content and can be easily incorporated in the diets.

How it helps cut back the belly fat?

Fiber as mentioned above is almost indigestible. Therefore, when you consume a fibrous food, it helps you feel fuller for longer which reduces your food intake. Besides this, they make you thirstier. This in turn, with the recommended 8 glasses of water daily, mixes with the soluble fiber.

The soluble fiber, has the upper hand in curbing your lose belly fat. This happens when they get mixed up with water in your gut to form a jell which reduces the rate of sugar absorption in your blood, which in turn leads to lower insulin levels and hence helps to melt the excess fat which would otherwise bring about obesity.

Daily intake

The experts recommend that the diets of an average under 50 year old woman, should consist at least 25 grams of fiber daily and for an average man, it should be at least 38 grams daily.


Supplements can also be used in place for the natural fiber when cutting back on your belly fat. They exist in four forms,

· Stimulants and Thermorgenics who perform their work mainly by raising your temperatures in order to melt the fat off to be used elsewhere as energy in the body.

· Carbohydrate blockers and fat blockers who perform their work by blocking the digestion of fats and carbohydrates from your system reducing the chances of formation of the belly fats.


An expert teaches that if you have to cut back and lose belly fat, you should include fiber in your daily diets slowly by making a food diary whereby you can monitor your eating habits and fiber intake.

Targeting Fat Loss With Some Easy to Prepare Foods

CC1Losing weight and burning fat is not an easy process but fat loss does not have to be painful either. You can still shed off those extra pounds while still eating healthy and delicious food.

In order to lose belly fat, all you need to do is to eat a lot of protein, healthy carbs and fiber that will boost your metabolism hence keeping you full and energized all day.

In this article, we are going to look at some easy to cook diets that will ensure fat loss. All the recipes in this article have at least one super food and can be whipped up in less than 30 minutes.

1. Broccoli and Feta omelet with toast.

A good day starts with a healthy breakfast. The Broccoli and Feta Omelet toast breakfast is easy to prepare. In fact, it takes only 15 minutes of your time to prepare and packs one-two punch which will leave your satisfied and energized.

The Broccoli is rich in fiber while the eggs are loaded with protein and will curb your appetite and stave off the late-morning cravings.

2. Spiced green- tea smoothie.
Green tea is known for its fat burning properties. This is due to a compound called EGCG which boosts metabolism. Studies have proven that people who drink at least 4 cups of green-tea each day shed more than 6 pounds in 8 weeks.

A rich smoothie is good if you are tired of taking hot green tea. The cayenne spice, lemon and the agave nectar flavor will fill you up.

3. Chocolate-dipped banana bite.
Dessert is not meant to erase an otherwise healthy meal. All you need to make this dessert is a knife, some bananas and a microwave. Bananas are rich in resistant carbohydrates that help you burn calories while eating less.

The chocolate contains some healthy fats that will help activate your metabolism.

4. White bean and Herb Hummus with Crudities.
If you are tired of the supermarket hummus, then this is a perfect option. It will only take you five minutes to make this flavorful fiber rich version at home.

You need lemons, olive oil, white beans and chives. White beans contain approximately 4 grams of resistant carbohydrates serving.

You can pair your hummus with some assorted raw vegetables such as broccoli to get a more fat-burning and fiber rich starch from the wholesome snack.

The four meals will ensure that you attain your fat loss goals and live a healthy food while at the same time enjoying your diet.


Hormone Treatments / Diet Doc Hormone Diets & Weight Loss Plans Introduce Advanced Hormone Level Treatments That Eliminate Cravings and Allow Clients to Lose Weight Fast

../wp-content/uploads/13_4_orig.jpgHormone Treatments / Diet Doc Hormone Diets & Weight Loss Plans Introduce Advanced Hormone Level Treatments That Eliminate Cravings and Allow Clients to Lose Weight Fast

Diet Doc is the nation’s leader for natural weight loss plans, offering the most comprehensive and successful collection of prescription and non-prescription diet products and services


Houston, TX (PRWEB) September 26, 2013

With busy schedules and limited personal time, many people in Detroit turn to fast food for their daily meals. And, while fast food surely offers people in Detroit the convenience of a quick meal, the processed ingredients within their products make it nearly impossible to lose weight fast or improve weight-related quality of life. Fortunately, Diet Doc now offers exclusive treatments with prescription strength hormone levels for those patients who have gained weight because of fast food. These monitored hormone levels make being able to lose weight fast easy because the treatments specifically target stored, excess fat in hard to reach areas of the body while also addressing intense cravings so patients will be able to see fat rapidly melting away.


Becoming accustomed to fast food as part of a daily routine will likely result in weight gain and other health issues but eliminating these bad habits to lose weight fast can be challenging. Because of these issues, Diet Doc offers their clients treatments with closely monitored hormone levels and proven results along with a team of weight management professionals to educate and counsel patients throughout this important, life-changing journey. Patients interested in finding the most effective way to lose weight fast only need to complete a confidential online health questionnaire and schedule a phone or internet consultation with one of Diet Doc’s highly trained physicians. During this consultation, the physician will recommend and prescribe appropriate hormone level treatments for the patient’s specific weight loss needs and patients can have their supplements shipped directly to the privacy of their own home.


Diet Doc’s hormone is naturally produced by pregnant women to ensure that the growing fetus is receiving adequate nutrients during gestation. Should the mother not have immediate access to food, hormone mobilizes stored fat and directs it to the fetus for nutrition. When appropriate hormone levels are used as a weight loss tool for Diet Doc programs, the hormone continues to target stored fat in the stomach, thighs and underarms, but instead of directing that fat to a fetus, it effectively flushes the fat from the patient’s body.


Diet Doc patients who have incorporated appropriate hormone levels into their diet plan have not only seen excess fat melting away, they have also experienced a significant decrease in their cravings for unhealthy, fast food. Learning how to control these cravings will eliminate fast food from the patient’s daily caloric intake and leave room for healthy, low fat foods that help patients lose weight fast while also leaving them feeling full and satisfied. Certified nutritionists will spend time working with patients, educating them on the importance of choosing low calorie foods to lose weight fast and to sustain their weight loss for the future.


Diet Doc’s goal is to leave clients with the skills necessary to maintain their weight over time and lead a healthier, more active lifestyle. Their exclusive weight loss programs have successfully helped thousands of people lose weight and, because of these results, along with their high quality treatments and products, Diet Doc has become the nation’s leader in medically supervised weight loss plans.


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Charleston, WV (PRWEB) September 19, 2013

By now, most dieters in West Virginia have realized that following a weight loss diet to lose weight is only half of the battle. Too often, these same dieters see a return of the fat that they lost because they have not learned how to create a healthy lifestyle to sustain their weight over time. And, because most overweight people in West Virginia are also suffering with weight-related diseases and sicknesses, like heart problems, respiratory concerns and relieving headaches, once dieters stop their weight loss diet, these issues usually return along with the weight. Diet Doc created their program to educate clients on the importance of a healthy lifestyle in order to achieve initial fat loss goals, maintain their weight for the future and to begin leading happier, more active lives.

A new study by Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine considered one of the weight-related health risks that overweight and obese subjects expose themselves to because of their excess fat, headaches. Researchers surveyed 3,862 people who provided information on their height, weight and frequency of migraines, and found that obese people are 81% more likely to suffer from episodic migraines, or headaches, compared to people of normal weight. According to study author B. Lee Peterlin, “These results suggest that doctors should promote healthy lifestyle choices for diet and exercise in people with episodic migraines.” Diet Doc understands that relieving headaches is just one concern that overweight patients are struggling with and have designed their weight loss diets to help clients quickly lose unwanted and embarrassing excess fat in order to begin leading a healthy lifestyle and eliminate these weight-related illnesses.

Once patients decide to begin Diet Doc’s weight loss diet plans, they will complete a confidential, online health and medical questionnaire to provide Diet Doc physicians with insight into the patient’s history with their weight. Using this information, physicians will determine whether there are any internal imbalances or improperly functioning organs that could be contributing to weight gain or inhibiting a successful weight loss diet. These issues can be quickly and easily addressed throughout the client’s weight loss diet so that they will see stored fat rapidly melting away.

Patients will also spend time with Diet Doc’s specially trained and certified nutritionists who will educate them on the importance of choosing low fat, low calorie foods to lose weight and address health concerns like relieving headaches. These nutritionists understand that most clients have become accustomed to eating processed, fatty foods, and that they will need support in acquiring the skills necessary for a healthy lifestyle change. The entire Diet Doc team of physicians, nurses and nutritionists offers its clients unlimited consultations six days per week to answer questions about their weight loss diet, address concerns like relieving headaches or migraines and monitor patient progress for reaching their healthy lifestyle goals.

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