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HowToLoseYourBellyFatgifSlimPlate System of Portion Control Announces Tips to Manage Diabetes in Summer Heat
Rock Hill, SC (PRWEB) June 27, 2014

The team behind the proven SlimPlate System of weight loss have today revealed their tips and tricks for dealing with diabetes during the summer months in a new series of ask the experts – and it all comes down to portion control.

SlimPlate System is a unique method of portion control that can help to trigger weight loss and keep it off – ideal for those who suffer from diabetes and need to maintain a controlled diet in order to keep their blood sugar levels steady. Now the experts behind the portion control plates have offered their tips for diabetes sufferers during the summer season, when it can be only too tempting to reach for a sugary snack or gorge on fruit in the heat.

Dr. Myo Nwe, the physician who invented the SlimPlate System says, “Diabetes is a tricky condition to manage, but controlling portions using methods like ours can be a very effective way of maintaining blood sugar levels. People rarely feel like eating heavy stews or carb-laden dishes when the temperature rises, and our collection of dinnerware can help those with diabetes control their portions sensibly throughout the summer season.”

The first tip from the team at SlimPlate System is for diabetes sufferers to carry a method of portion control with them at all times. Whether it’s a small cup to measure out fruit portions or a personal plate that they can measure their food intake on, it’s important that whether they’re attending a barbecue or a summer garden party, they are still in control of their food.

Secondly, for those who don’t have access to fresh fruit and just want to reach for a sugar snack, ensure that they are still eating to the recommended portions. Using the SlimPlate System means that no foods are ruled out, but for diabetes sufferers it’s important to strictly monitor the intake when it comes to sweet snacks and treats.

Dr. Myo Nwe strongly advocates remaining hydrated at all times. Dehydration, or the loss of body fluids, can occur when blood glucose is not under control for diabetes sufferers. Alcohol intake should be limited as much as possible, and caffeine-free fluids should be ingested often to remain hydrated and keep glucose levels consistent. For those who are really craving a fizzy, sugary soda, it’s vital to stick to recommended portions using measuring tools like those provided by SlimPlate System.

The unique weight loss and portion control method, SlimPlate System, also advocates eating often. The plan includes three meals and two snacks every day, which is very
beneficial for those who are managing diabetes. The experts at SlimPlate System also encourage diabetes sufferers to check their blood glucose levels multiple times a day to be sure that their levels are within the acceptable boundaries. It’s also important to remember to carry portion-controlled snacks at all time to boost blood sugars if they should dip during a hot day.

To find out more about SlimPlate System, visit the website: http://www.slimp\\bout SlimPlate System:
SlimPlate System is a four-stage weight loss program that shuns deprivation for portion control. The system, which has been designed by physicians and proven by research, is easy to implement and maintain, with no calorie counting, costly supplements or juice fads.
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CB-1 Weight Gainer Gives Three Tips for Summer Weight Gain

FemalesAbs1CB-1 Weight Gainer Gives Three Tips for Summer Weight Gain
Orem, UT (PRWEB) July 29, 2014

CB-1 Weight Gainer understands that walking the beaches or sitting poolside is hard in a body you can’t be proud of. Unfortunately, getting that body isn’t always the easiest task. If you are hoping to add muscle or curves to your body these three tips should help you gain the weight you want.

First, eat enough calories. Gaining weight is all about calories. Just like it is with weight loss. When trying to gain weight, you have to consume more calories than your body burns. If you have a fast metabolism, that means you need to eat that much more. Set goals for how many calories to eat, and make sure you are hitting your goal each day. You can use weight loss calculators to calculate how many calories you consume in the day. It isn’t the most enjoyable task but it can be effective. CB-1 Weight Gainer was specifically designed to assist you in gaining a healthy appetite so you can get the calories you need.

Second, try to make those calories complex and simple carbs. Eating a lot of calories can be difficult so make it easy by consuming them in the form of carbs. You can eat more carbs before getting full than you can other types of food like proteins. Carbs include breads, pastas, cereal and starchy fruits or veggies like bananas and potatoes.

Third, eat snacks throughout the day especially at night. To consume enough calories for your body to store up as weight you should eat snacks between meals to help meet your quota. Since, your body continues to burn calories while you sleep be sure to eat right before you go to bed. This will prevent your body from undoing all your hard work you did throughout the day. By taking CB-1 Weight Gainer, you’ll notice it will be easier to eat and snack throughout the day.

Following these tips should help you gain weight and get your body beach ready. You can find more tips on the CB-1 Weight Gainer website.
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Fairwood Health & Body Transition Offers Travel Advice to Keep Summer Bodies and Weight in Healthy Shape

../wp-content/uploads/11_3_featured_orig.jpgFairwood Health & Body Transition Offers Travel Advice to Keep Summer Bodies and Weight in Healthy Shape

Jason Peisley, D.C., Founder and Clinic Director at Fairwood Health & Body Transition

 Toledo, OH (PRWEB) July 29, 2014

As summer frequently involves eating, drinking and sleeping at odd hours of the day or night, these disruptions to daily routines may affect individual diets and their overall health. Dr. Jason Peisley, Founder and Clinical Director of Fairwood Healthy & Body Transition, reminds the public that a well-balanced diet is key to losing weight.

“Many of us are going on vacation during the summer months, and while it might be more convenient to grab fast food in between pitstops during a family roadtrip or a layover at the airport, consuming prepackaged foods do not provide our bodies with the nutrients they need,” cautioned Dr. Peisley.

“Eating junk food from a bag, bottle or can will cause our bodies to get hungrier, faster – this sends a false signal to our bodies that we are starving, causing our bodies to then retain even more fat as a result,” he continued.

At Fairwood Health & Body Transition, Dr. Peisley and his staff approach weight loss through focusing on education, holistic solutions, enhanced nutrition tools and behavior modification.

“When you’re vacationing on a beach somewhere, or hiking through a rainforest or jungle in a foreign country, it might be harder to plan your diet accordingly,” acknowledged Dr. Peisley.

“Taking the time to make healthy choices, however, will lead to a healthier body, whether you’re simply walking through a new city or cooling off in the comfort of your own home this summer,” said Dr. Peisley.

The first step, according to Dr. Peisley, is to learn what – and how – fat hormones are triggered, sharing three fat-burning secrets below:

1)    Starving yourself builds body fat. Believe it or not, you must eat to lose weight, according to Dr. Peisley. Dr. Peisley advises that people eat the right foods throughout the day, such as packing fresh fruits or nuts while they travel, to encourage their bodies to keep burning fat. “Doing this eliminates cravings and dissolves toxic buildups,” he added.

2)    Avoid excessive coffee and sugar. Caffeine and sugar found in soft drinks such as Coca-Cola, even Diet Coke, increases appetite and hinders weight loss. Dr. Peisley recommends choosing healthier alternatives, such as green or black tea, which has lower calories and promotes healthy weight loss. “Consuming too much caffeine and sugar in a short period of time creates negative long-term effects on our bodies,” reminded Dr. Peisley.

3)    Poor sleeping habits cause weight gain. Between different time zones, red-eye flights, and unfamiliar or uncomfortable hotel rooms, many people may be staying up late and not getting enough sleep while traveling during the summer. “A body that doesn’t sleep well triggers fat-storing hormones,” warned Dr. Peisley. “Many people do not always think about their sleeping patterns as a cause for their weight loss problems – but the truth is, without proper sleep, our bodies’ fat-burning hormones shut down. At Fairwood Health & Body Transition, we evaluate each patient to see what their body needs so they can get proper, deeper sleep.”

“A well-rested, balanced body is a healthy body,” concluded Dr. Peisley, speaking from his proven success with his weight-loss programs such as the “Healthy Weight Loss for Life” Total Body System, designed specifically to uncover underlying weight gain conditions in each individual to effectively help them shed the pounds and transform their lives and bodies, safely and naturally.

Now, for a limited time, potential patients can receive $ 100 off a Health Evaluation, including a complimentary VIP tour and introduction of the facilities.

About Fairwood Health & Body Transition:

Fairwood Health & Body Transition is Toledo’s most revolutionary weight loss clinic. Founded by Jason Peisley, D.C., Fairwood Health & Body Transition is putting into action a proven, safe and natural solution to shed unwanted pounds, rejuvenate health and transform lives. Without the need for shots or drugs, the “Healthy Weight Loss For Life” Total Body System is specifically designed to uncover and put an end to the underlying conditions that continually sabotage weight loss efforts. These discoveries are made through a comprehensive health evaluation then delivered as a personalized program. The company’s pioneering approach to long-term weight loss combines education, holistic solutions, enhanced nutrition and the most advanced cellulite-busting weight loss tools and behavior modification under one roof. As a result, clients burn fat, stop cravings and lose weight while restoring their health. Fairwood Health & Body Transition is located at 5215 Monroe Street, Suite 4. For more information or a media kit, visit

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