For Weight Loss and Lose Belly Fat it’s the Trampoline

FemalesAbs1By Anna Plank

The trampoline is an amazing way to increase your metabolism and this will help you lose weight plus other healthy results to your health. I have a large trampoline in my back yard and I have the mini trampoline in the house. I have seen some amazing results through the use of the trampoline. I rate the trampoline sort of magical for increasing your energy, metabolism and to lose belly fat.

You can recall how tired your legs feel when you go up a flight of steps or how your legs feels to walk up an incline. If you ride a bike for several miles your hands will begin to feel numb. You can only run a very short distance before you are out of breath. Jumping on to trampoline for even a short period of time each day eliminates this.

I’m here to tell you if you use a trampoline for only 5 minutes a morning every day you can greatly improve all of these areas. Jump for longer periods of time to lose a significant amount of weight. If you can’t use the trampoline in the morning, jump on it when ever time allows. I prefer mornings to get my metabolism going, but I often use it in the evening as I watch TV.

Did you know jumping on the trampoline for 30 minutes is equal to 1 ½ hours of jogging?

I highly recommend the trampoline to anyone for your health or to weight loss.

If you have health issues that prevent you from jumping you may be able to do the motion of jumping. Don’t raise your feet off the trampoline (just do the up and down motion or sit on your fanny to jump or go through the up and down motion. (check with your physician).

Jumping on the trampoline is a fun way to increase your metabolism and lose weight!

It’s more fun than a diet

It tones

It releases your endorphins  (endorphins help you feel better,  helps depression,  improves your mood)!

It gives you stamina, energy and increases your metabolism!

Add the trampoline to your exercise or fun time routine and you will see a difference!